I'm a radical queer, black, enabled/non-disabled settler with a lot of (straight/white/cis/male) passing privilege. I'm an anti-violence activist, theorist, and student. I'm a comic book reading, video game playing, tabletop rpg loving dork.

Sometimes I have things to say.

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Why is the Bruce Lee biopic Birth of the Dragon starring a white guy?



Why is the Bruce Lee biopic Birth of the Dragon starring a white guy?

Bruce Lee
[adrotate banner=”1”]The news hit the interwebz recently that a Bruce Lee biopic called Birth of the Dragon is moving forward, with George Nolfi of The Adjustment Bureaufame attached as director. The film will be about Lee’s 1965 duel with martial arts master Wong Jack Man, which ultimately was about whether non-Chinese people should be taught kung fu. Though reports vary on the winner, the…

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they legit made up a white guy to be the main character rather than have Bruce Lee be the main character.

Which is kinda choice because Bruce Lee was an Asian American main character in the 1970s…but in the 2010s barely any films have an Asian American main character, and even the film about Bruce Lee won’t.

WOW. I can’t even with this. That’s it Hollywood. I give up.

People are uncomfortable with sexuality that is not made for male consumption.

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👀 I see no lies!

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New York City: A Decade of Resistance - Trans Day of Action 2014, at Christopher Street Pier, June 27, 2014.

From Trans Justice of the Audre Lorde Project: “On Friday, June 27, 2014, TGNC (Trans and Gender Non-Conforming) People of Color (POC) and allies will take the streets of New York City once again to demand justice and let the world know that the Stonewall Rebellion is not over and we will continue fighting for justice and raising our voices until we are heard.”

Photos by Chrissy Maritza Etienne

Kay!!!!! Hey Kay!!!!!!!

How to Keep from Being a Pronoun Cissy


(Suggestions for challenging your cis-gendered privilege when identifying your proffered gender pronouns [PGP])

1.     Know that identifying pronouns can be uncomfortable for everyone, do it anyways.

2.     Acknowledge there’s a privilege in being regularly referred to by pronouns that feel comfortable by taking requests to identify your PGPs seriously.   

3.     Don’t say “whatever” unless you really mean whatever. 

4.     In fact, just don’t say “whatever”.  Take responsibility for the privilege of being cis and claim specific pronouns.  If you have a list of proffered pronouns that’s ok, I do to. 

5.     Speak up in spaces that don’t ask people to identify their preferred pronouns, so trans/genderqueer folks don’t have to.

6.     Never assume that people should call you by your birth assigned pronouns without you first identifying your PGPs

7.     Apologize for any past miss-gendering you’ve done to people. 

8.     Don’t laugh at or make light of people’s pronouns unless you know them well enough to know they find humor in their pronouns. 

9.     People’s pronouns are not meant to interest you, accept them, incorporate them, and move on.

10. Pronouns mean love, respect, whole-hearted in my Queer, know what they mean to you.  Actively explore your gender and how you want people to talk about it, even if people usually talk about it in ways that make you feel comfortable and seen. 

In reference to numbers 1 and 5, it’s also really, REALLY important to acknowledge that people may have particular safety concerns around identifying their preferred pronouns in particular space. I know that I have been in situations where doing preferred pronouns meant I had to make the choice of misidentifying my own pronouns or outing myself to a group of strangers. And I’ve heard others express similar sentiments—going around the circle to say preferred pronouns can feel… coercive at times. Like, it demands a response.

I guess I just want to say that just as it is important to actively create space for trans and gender nonconforming folks to identify our pronouns (and one way to do this is to offer yours as a cis person), it is equally important to create space for folks to graciously not identify their pronouns, ya know?

can we talk about the phrase “earn a living” and how deeply fucked up the idea we’re expected to justify our existence through work and wages is though?

And how it’s tied to the systematic devaluing of people from whose bodies and abilities surplus value isn’t easily extracted by dominant structures—i.e. the devaluing of people who could never “earn a living” in the sense that the current ableist, capitalist structures demand.

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Ugh, why are Tumblr SJWs so hypocritical? It’s almost as if they’re thousands of different people with different characteristics from varying backgrounds, and not the completely neutral hive mind I make them out to be in order to veil my bigotry… Fuck social justice :(


okcupid scares the hell out of me because all of the questions are either “are you a messy person?” or like “HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT EUGENICS????” like if you’re less than a 90% match for me i’m sitting here trying to figure out if you’re a violent racist or just hate to do laundry

unsettlingideologies asked
Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you. I'm a pen pal coordinator with Black and Pink and we've seen a huge bump in questions and requests in the past 24 hours or so (even international folks!). I'm pretty sure it has to do with your post about us and OITNB (seeing as it had over 11,000 notes since the 21st and grew by about 200 in the few minutes I was looking at it). So thank you for the impassioned call to action. Just wanted to let you know it seems to have worked.


Oh man, thank you so much for letting me know! I was wondering (hoping!) if the popularity of the post was translating into actual action. It’s incredible to hear that it is. I almost didn’t want to reply to your message so I could keep it in my inbox and read it when I feel particularly hopeless and useless re: prison abolition.

To put things in perspective, we’ve had an increase of at least 300 pen pals today alone. (I say at least, because I can’t remember if it was this morning or yesterday when I looked at it and saw that we currently had 1800 pen-pal pairings. If it was today like I believe it was, then we have gotten about 500 new pen pals today.) While this is not necessarily all due to the original post (it is pride season after all, and B&P folks have been doing pride events around the country), there’s reason to believe that a large portion of this bump is because of datingdisastersofaqueergirl and the amazing folks on tumblr. 500 new pen pals is about a 28% increase. In less than two days (and I believe in less than one).
I am absolutely beyond words. Thank you.

If you want to see how many pen-pal pairings we currently have, or if you want to find a pen-pal of your own, check out http://www.blackandpink.org/pen-pals/. The chart of total pairings is at the bottom.